About Us

Segal Industries is a private enterprise that is building the infrastructure to bring mankind to the stars. We design and develop ways for humanity to thrive, whether on Earth or the final frontier.

Trade Should Be Trustless & Universal

Backed by one of the largest digital asset portfolios in the world, Segal Industries is leveraging blockchain techhnology to develop trade and transaction protocols for hyperspeed financial networks that operate on an interstellar scale.

Nature is our most powerful technology

All sentient life on Earth is a product of evolution, shaped by the singular tool of unintentional variations - mistakes. Segal Industries is harnessing the transformative power of evolution, but with intentional, strategic planning.

developing for space is better for Earth

Segal Engineering, rooted in the ethos of self-sufficiency, encompasses architecture, urban development, life-support systems, natural resource management, construction, and commercial manufacturing.

The limit is no longer your imagination

Segal Industries is bringing artificial intelligence into every facet of life, maximizing efficiency whilst empowering people to express their imaginations in ways they simply haven't been able to before.

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we're creating a sophisticated & luxurious platform for multiplanetary life

we are creating the platform
for multiplanetary life